Closing the loop in the match industry - from characteristics of aspen logs to improved production performance

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Alma Strkonjic


Closing the loop in the match industry: From characteristics of aspen logs to improved production performance


The overall purpose of the project is to increase our understanding on specific wood qualitative aspects of aspen logs used in match production, and by this to create appropriate sorting systems and final product quality prediction tools for the Swedish Match industry.


The production of matches faces many challenges associated with the variable and unpredictable projection of the log attributes to the quality of intermediate (veneers) and final products (matches) thereafter.


The PhD study will conduct studies related to:

- Investigation of mechanical and physical properties of aspen wood between and within the trees of different origin, their connection and significance for match industry.


- Assessment and criteria of aspen log qualities with different methods and tools.


- Development of methods for accurate sorting of aspen logs at the forestry and the industry.

- Identification of inter-relationships between quality aspect of aspen logs and intermediate (veneers) and final products (matches).


- Modelling and development of appropriate quality prediction tool for match industry.


The project promotes a science-based industry approach by turning fundamental knowledge on raw material and products into innovation, which is the key to establish a high value forest-based industry.






Stergios Adamopoulos, Lnu

Sheikh Ali Ahmed, Lnu

Harald Säll, Lnu

Emil Lagerqvist Swedish Match