The industrial graduate school ProWood aims at supporting innovation and increase the competitiveness of the Swedish wood industry. There are a number of doctoral projects:

Raw material characteristics and process optimization for high value-added flooring products

Victor Grubîi

Solutions for automation in wood industry

Steffen Landscheidt

Improved prefabrication in industrial building.

Djordje Popovic

Automation strategies for the woodmanufacturing industry

Roaa Salim

Recognition of Defects on Wood Surfaces on the Basis of Optical Scanning

Tadios Sisay Habite

Closing the loop in the match industry: From characteristics of aspen logs to improved production performance

Alma Strkonjic

Supporting the design phase of industrialised house building when introducing a product platform strategy

Shamnath Thajudeen

Smart manufacturing for the wooden single-family house builder

Alexander Vestin

Finished projects

Accoustics in wooden buildings.

Jörgen Olsson

Windows and doors – how do they influence on a building’s total value.

Elaheh Jalilzadehazhari

Innovation capacity in the wood and timber industry.

Heleen De Goey