ProWood is an arena for the development, exchange and dissemination of knowledge relevant to the wood industry. We focus on industrial product realisation with a practical application in the wood industry. Product realisation refers to the development and manufacturing of physical products, related services, and covers the entire chain from idea to finished product.

The aim is to support innovation and increase the competitiveness of the Swedish wood industry.

ProWood Industrial Graduate School started in 2014 and is a joint initiative between the School of Engineering in Jönköping University, Linnaeus University, the Knowledge Foundation and a number of companies. The programme is financially supported by the Knowledge Foundation, the participating companies, Wood Region Småland and the participating institutions and universities. Since the start in 2014 about ten PhD-students have joined the programme that initially was called ProWood and in 2017 developed into ProWood+.

How does ProWood work?

  • Research projects are formulated jointly by industry and academia
  • The doctoral program includes courses to support the doctoral student
  • The doctoral students have tutors from both industry and academia 
  • Follow-ups, seminars and study visits are part of the program 

What does ProWood mean for participating companies?

  • The research contributes to the development of industrial processes by combining knowledge of industrial product realization and the specific needs in the wood industry ProWood can contribute to increased competitiveness and innovation
  • The road to the goal is just as interesting: New contacts and cooperation are created, spin-off projects, etc.

What does ProWood mean to the doctoral students?

  • Third-cycle education is combined with practical work in the company 
  • Be part of a research environment with several doctoral students, companies and senior researchers In-depth understanding of the conditions in the wood industry 
  • Extensive industrial contacts